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The Aravalli Biodiversity Park-Sultanpur. Post sunday afternoon nap, a forced getaway by fellow ‘desperate to get out’ wanderer (:P)—Fazla. 5km from where we stay and work and drink and cook and dream and sleep and change the world.

The place is vast, it is calm, it is green, it is everything you could want (or not), the best bit being that it makes you forget the city you are in. The good bit about places which have an iota of impact on you is that they make you loose a sense of your geographical location.

All the photos courtesy Fazal. Yes, I lost my camera, so rely on external “curated” (yes, that new f word) sources for feeding the visual bit here. 

New Bag. Courtesy the model in the photo, Reuben. Much.

Thoughts at night in a nutshell. PATHFINDER!
A big not so minimalistic shout from Gurgaon to Mr @abhijithkeyaar​ on turning 25. #meta birthday man :)
At Lodhi Garden.

Studio models. More swag.

Reuben. Drawing Swag at C.P, Delhi.
Mr D. Studio today. Also I need to thank Ms Kurien for letting me use her camera.