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Saw ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ today, followed by some happiness on photoshop. Friday night solo scene, mostly.
Almost a year back, priceless. Image courtesy parimalparmarLeaving for Kerala at 9.20 am today. Just in time to halt the nervous breakdown, :P

Blue sky at 5:30 am. View from the studio lawn. Not sleeping the night and witnessing the morning, still retains the same freshness, everytime.

More old delhi portraits. For tumblr only allows 10 images a post, :)

Iftar inside Jama Masjid with @thanveerfazal and @nebuer20. Old Delhi. Enough said.

Early morning sketch of an artist in action. 
Fooling around in C4D. Attempted to make a face, but, :)

Had shot these elements for a sideproject 2 months back. Photoshop time killing, post finding them in the drive today.

It rained today.

At Lodhi Garden, Delhi.