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Expect more pics of Mr. Mahesh here. Nobody in the world says YOLO better than him, no one.
Saw ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ today, followed by some happiness on photoshop. Friday night solo scene, mostly.
Almost a year back, priceless. Image courtesy parimalparmarLeaving for Kerala at 9.20 am today. Just in time to halt the nervous breakdown, :P

Blue sky at 5:30 am. View from the studio lawn. Not sleeping the night and witnessing the morning, still retains the same freshness, everytime.

More old delhi portraits. For tumblr only allows 10 images a post, :)

Iftar inside Jama Masjid with @thanveerfazal and @nebuer20. Old Delhi. Enough said.

Early morning sketch of an artist in action. 
Fooling around in C4D. Attempted to make a face, but, :)

Had shot these elements for a sideproject 2 months back. Photoshop time killing, post finding them in the drive today.

It rained today.